Buvicid K 370 SE


Captan, the active substance in Buvicid K 370 SE, is a contact fungicide that is not absorbed by the plant but remains on the leaf surface to exert its effect. When introduced to the cells of the pathogenic fungi, it is transformed into a poisonous chemical compound. It is a protective active substance, meaning that it protects the plant by preventing the development of infection. To achieve the desired efficacy, the protective film formed by the fungicide has to be in place before the
infection occurs. As a result, great care has to be given to ensuring perfect coverage when spraying the leaves, as the product can slow but not block any infections.

Thanks to its wide spectrum, Buvicid K is licensed against a wide range of pathogens in a number of cultures (pome fruits: apple, pear, quince, medlar; stone fruits: cherry, sour cherry, plum, nectarine, almond, apricot). The only thing it is not effective against is powdery mildew. In addition, Buvicid K also has the advantage of killing the pathogen before infection. It is not dangerous to bees, so it can even be applied during flowering. The product does not cause phytotoxic symptoms if the recommended technology is followed, as its vegetable oil content is just enough to ensure that the active ingredient adheres to the surface of the plant through the patented film-forming technology. It helps the layer of wax develop on fruits and its physiological effects also improve the long term storage of fruits.

Even though Buvicid K not only competes with but provides better efficacy than its competitors, the amount of captan recommended per hectare is less than that of competing products. This is due to Buvicid K’s sunflower oil content, which is used as an additive to ensure that the captan can stick to the plant surface better and for longer periods, and that it is less dependent on weather conditions. Thanks to this oil content, it was possible to reduce the amount of active ingredient without compromising efficacy, i.e. to reduce the burden on the environment.