Plant protection at the beginning of the 21st century, as seen by

The trends that are currently shaping plant protection have a diversity of goals. On the one hand, as part of the EU’s sustainability strategy for chemical substances included in the European Green Deal, we see the need to better protect human health and to create an environment free of toxic materials.

Human and ecotoxicology re-evaluations are resulting in the removal of numerous very effective active substances that have been used for decades from the palette available to agriculture in Europe. Meanwhile, the constant development of production technology elements are allowing plant producers to approach the maximum potential yields that plants can offer, all the while attempting to meet ever increasing customer quality requirements. As a result, plant protection has to serve both an exceptionally intensive plant production regimen with strict qualitative and quantitative requirements and a method of food production that is extensive, eco-focused, and puts environmental protection aspects first and foremost. The plant protection solutions we offer attempt to satisfy the needs of a multitude of plant producers, in the widest sense possible.

The sulphur and copper containing fungicides that we developed and sell account for a large portion of our portfolio, and they are the only ones on the market that contain a special plant oil as an adjuvant. The plant oil serves to dissolve the waxy layer on the leaf surface, allowing the sulphur or copper active ingredient to become embedded in the dissolved layer. This embedding improves the products’ rain resistance. The plant oil also creates a thin layer of film on the sprayed surface, covering the active ingredient granules to slow their decomposition and increase the duration of their protective effects. Our products contain plant-based lecithin as a natural emulsifier. Another advantage of using plant-based adjuvants is that a smaller active ingredient dose per hectare is sufficient for achieving the same biological efficacy as when using the “traditional” sulphur or copper-containing fungicides for crop protection. All of our products can be used in organic production.